Tuesday, July 8, 2008

There I go again...!

Two years and four months--that's the time before when I first penned my thoughts on a blog. Boy, how time has changed since then! From random ramblings to deep discussions, from obscure unknown sources to the 'go-to' destinations, blogs have evolved in such a short time-frame! And I have grown so much more in these two years as well. A student in Public relations and Corporate Communications, with two real-world credible internship experiences and an enthusiast of the New York city--I sure have a lot to catch up on this blogosphere!

I felt the need to start blogging about PR simply because now, I am knee-deep in this profession, atleast in terms of knowledge, if not experience. Countless everyday observations that add so much more meaning to my repertoire of knowledge compelled to me to pen it down and share with the world. Public relations and Communications is a fascinating field (despite its share of controversies) and I am indeed very glad that I found my passion in it. This blog will be about my musings on what all is going on in the world of PR and the shared knowledge of interesting articles, quotes, anecdotes, newsmakers, news itself! I only hope I do a good job keeping up with regular posts and eventually, improve my writing in the process (that I so much need!) Hope you'll stay tuned.

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